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Michael Biehn Month - Winter Holiday Special - Michael Biehn Fan Community
Michael Biehn Month - Winter Holiday Special
As we didn't get any offerings for last month's character - THE BLOOD BOND (aka SHADOWGUARD) - John Tremayne - I've decided to have a different kind of challenge for December 2016.

For this month choose ANY Michael Biehn character from any of his movies/TV shows and create something with a....


Ice and snow, Winter Wonderlands, the Winter solstice, various festivals such as Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa, Omisoka - to name but a few.


1. A Chris Larabee Christmas in 'Four Corners'. Past, Present of Future. Who does he spend it with? Does he exchange gifts with anyone?

2. Where does Judson Cross spend the Winter holiday? What about Hicks, or Coffey, Ringo, or Roy McLean?

3. Some Winter tropes for ideas: snowed in, meet the parents/family, celebratory kiss/mistletoe, food and cooking, huddle for warmth, crossdressing & costumes (for New Year Fancy Dress parties).

As usual, anything goes: fiction, art of any kind, meta, picspams, gifs, or anything else you'd love to share.

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