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I've been running this community in parallel with the one on Dreamwidth for a few years with requests to leave comments on the Dreamwidth community. It is an additional overhead for me that I was prepared to do. However, there has been so very little activity - other than from me - for several years now, and rarely (if ever!) any comments left for anything I have cross-posted. I feel it is time to direct all activity to the Dreamwidth community to save me a little extra time and work.


All posts and comments to this LJ community were transferred across to MICHAEL BIEHN several years back so there has been no loss of information, stories, or art. Please consider bookmarking the Dreamwidth community and/or adding it to your reading list if you want to keep seeing posts. You don't need a Dreamwidth account and can login in as your LJ user if necessary.

Many thanks to the few Michael Biehn fans who have followed and contributed here over the years.

I have allowed SCREENED COMMENTS for this sticky note.
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Michael Biehn Month - WINTER FEST (December and January)

This is a busy time of year for everyone so rather than have a named character I thought I would open the challenge out to ANY Michael Biehn character with a challenge theme of WINTER.

Seasonal holidays, snow, cold, sports, mistletoe.... anything related to winter.

As always, anything goes: fiction, graphics (icons, Color/lovebars, Panorama's (5 icons side by side], Picspams, GIFS, Bookmarks [300x800], Tumblr Graphics, Coloring pages, Wallpapers, original/digital art), Fanmixes, Meta... anything else you can think of to share:)

Some ideas:
Chris Larabee's first Christmas with the Magnificent 7 (or with one particular person), or first Christmas without Sarah.
Roy McLean working as a ranger high in the mountains
Dwayne Hicks on a mission to an ice world


Please use the Dreamwidth site at: https://michaelbiehn.dreamwidth.org
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YAHOO Groups Closure - MBFic

My apologies for not being around as much recently.

Recently YAHOO announced that YAHOO Groups was closing. A few days ago the groups were locked down so no more content could be uploaded. On December 14th all content - messages, files etc, will be removed.

I have long stressed this community as the replacement for MBFic and asked people to join up here. However, the Yahoogroup had been light on traffic for a number of years so I guess there were few active members left.

I have saved all the messages, files, images using PGOFFLINE (as html files) and also requested (and obtained) the complete download of the group from YAHOO.

What I have to do now is figure out how to make it all available again, possibly through the Phoenix Michael Biehn Archive.

I am tempted to load it all into a database and write a simple front end to view the old messages - but upload any fiction to AO3 under the author's name and replace the story text with the AO3 link - similar to my plan for moving the MB Fiction Archive to AO3. This will save space on my webspace and make the stories more easily available.

The problem at the moment is a lack of TIME to get this done, but I wanted to leave this reassurance that the messages will not be lost.

Any comments to: https://michaelbiehn.dreamwidth.org/240407.html
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Michael Biehn Month - Grindhouse - Planet Terror (Sheriff Hague)

It's HALLOWEEN month so what better than a horror/zombie movie to celebrate Michael Biehn month.

As usual, anything goes - Fic, art of any kind (traditional/digital art, icons, gifs, banners, wallpapers, tumblr style graphics, moodboards, color/lovebars), picspams, meta (reviews, links to articles about the movie). Please share :)

Inspiration can be found at: http://www.michaelbiehn.co.uk/data/grindhouse.html

Comments to: https://michaelbiehn.dreamwidth.org/240219.html